One of the newest Cuban cigars to be released only last year in 2003, the Cohiba Siglo VI is a marvel of cigar engineering – 150 mm long with a fantastically lucious 52 ring gauge (Canonazo vitola — “cannot shot”). There is a whole lot of Cohiba goodness packed under this hood, even at first glance.

I received a fresh box of these cigars a week ago (box dated December ’03), and after taking my time to revel in its aroma and bundle presentation, i finally overcame my fear and sampled it. Fear? Well, when someone asks you take a Ferrari for a spin, a certain amount of apprehension precedes it. That’s the case here with the Siglo VI. Its reputation precedes it as the Ferrari of Cuban cigars. The question was: does it live up to the hype?

Ash is firm

If cigars were graded only for the way they look and smell, then the Siglo VI would pass with honours: it sports a magnificent natural wrapper (tiny veining apparent) that basically oozes with oils. The aroma is almost overpowering, especially when the nose is treated to the scent of a freshly opened box. A mixture of very strong nuts and cedar, with a hint of cocoa and coffee beans mixed in for good measure. Outstanding.

(Image lost) Loses its shape slightly

A quick snip and light later, and this cigar was well on its way. The draw is quite full — a tad bit firmer than i would prefer, but just within acceptable standards. Initial draws produces ample smoke volume, and that’s always a treat. As for the taste, well, what can i say? Anyone who’s experienced a Cohiba (especially, the slightly milder blend of the Siglo series, in comparison with the regular vitolas) will tell you right away that the Siglo VI fits right in. A subtle mix of cedar, nuts, and a tremendous dose of cocoa and coffee bean flavours. Throw in the classic touch of “grassy” tones Cohiba is famous for, and a touch of spice and pepper as you approach past half way, and that’s what the Siglo VI is all about.

(Image lost) Burn evens out towards the end

A fresh box with barely 6 months aging — that perhaps explains the inconsistent burn i experienced. It took a bit of patience and effort to keep this cigar lit, and the burn under control — burn runs had to be touched up with the torch to keep things on an even keel. The only complaint: it takes a bit of effort to maintain as i smoked it. Not too big a deal, but something that a bit of time in the humidor should correct.

(Image lost) Right to the stub, oh yeah!

Verdict: This is, quite frankly, a landmark in the Cohiba range of cigars. Every serious aficionado should try it at least once — it packs the punch the Robusto sometimes leaves short, it delivers the full flavour spectrum of Cohiba quickly and in large doses (unlike some of its slimmer cousings like the Lanceros or Siglo III). Some burn issues exist, but a bit of time in the humidor should take care of it. Smoke 1 right away, then store away the others for 2-3 months and results should be much, much better. Highest possible recommendation from My Cigar Blog.