One of Cuba‘s newest brands, officially launched in Spain in 1997, this is a relatively unknown brand — but if it keeps on producing cigars like this, its not going to stay unknown for that much older. The cigar of this review comes from a box dated ’01, so its been cooking for a while.

The Famosos is a Hermoso No. 4 vitola, very similar to the El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme in terms of size (previously, only the Choix Supreme was available in this particular vitola). A luxurious 5 inch cigar of just a little under 48 ring gauge.

Superb wrapper, clean burn

The visual test was quite spectacular. Every single cigar in the box looked consistently gorgeous — a rich, warm, natural wrapper which seems a bit silky. Not sure whether the Famosos looks this good when its fresh, but i would bet that the 3 years it took for this box to reach me couldn’t have done any harm to its appearance. Minor veining is apparent, but as it turned out, this didn’t affect the performance of the cigar in any way.

Even, firm ash

Before i lit it, it took a few deep draws, and ran it under my nose. The scent was full of strong cedar notes, with just a slight hint of raw leaf. It tickled my olfactory senses silly, and i sneezed.

A quick light later, this cigar was away. It lit very easily, not a moment’s hesitation and the burn was even from the get-go. The draw was thick and just about right, not too firm nor loose. It took a while for the smoke to get going, but after a half-inch or so, it was almost as though the floodgates burst open and thick, rich smoke was produced with each draw. Flavours also came rushing to the fore at this point, and it was almost overwhelming!

Good construction — conical ash

The first thing you’re going to notice about its taste will be its creamy chocolate flavours — close your eyes for a moment (as i did), think of Godiva dark slices, and you’ll notice that’s exactly what you have in your mouth. Crazy, i tell you, crazy. Taking a few more draws, concentrating a bit more, i noticed distinct cedar bits, with just a pinch of spice. The spicy tones really picked up past half-way — lips begin to tingle very prominently. Overall, a very complex medium-bodied smoking experience.

Take your time to enjoy this cigar — you’ll appreciate its massively even burn, you’ll be able to savour that nice little pinch you’ll feel on your tongue as the spice bites in. But most importantly, you’ll avoid it heating up. If you’re a puffer like me, certain cigars are constructed in such a way that they’ll heat up if you go at them too aggressively. The Famosos is one such cigar. This doesn’t detract from it at all; its just a word of caution. Be patient, and you’ll enjoy this cigar so much more.

Right to the end, oh yummy!

Verdict: If you haven’t tried one of Cuba’s latest brands, the Famosos is a good place to start. A truly satisfying smoke that says all the good things there is to say about a Cuban cigar — complex, and spicy with a delicious aroma. Superb burn, and a wonderful finish. Highly Recommended.