I must be a very lucky fella — my first experience with the Hemingway series of cigars is with the Hemingway Work of Art Maduro (WOAM). And what an experience it was! I got a stick of this quite rare range of cigars as a gift; a very, very dark rosado Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, with Dominican Republic filler and binder. A perfecto, just a shade under 5 inches with a nice ring of 54 at its widest point, this is a tremendously beautiful cigar — very difficult to roll, so you’ve just gotta respect the workmanship.

I only had one of these little chilli peppers, so i waited until the right moment came up to smoke it. One day, after a long, tiring day in the office, such a moment came up. A cup of sweet hot chocolate in hand, it was time.

Visually, this cigar is quite amazing — very dark rosado wrapper (not exactly black maduro, in my opinion), smooth with the tiniest veining. Its got a feel of “grittiness” to it. Interesting. Running this cigar under my nose a few times was a pure joy — i detected very prominent fresh floral scents; a tingle of spicy promise here that led to a quick sneeze!

Even burn, firm ash

Decided to use a cedar strip to light this one; really took my time toasting the foot until it caught, then took a few deep draws to get it going. Its always interesting to see how easy it is to light a perfecto tip cigar. The draw was perfect: just a little bit of resistance to make each draw a notable event.

From the get-go, the taste profile included quite a bit of spice which i found nicely delightful; it wasn’t an overpowering dose of spice, but… almost omnipresent throughout the cigar in a very pleasing manner. The scent test earlier gave some clues to this, so i wasn’t surprised when the dominant flavours included a large segment of floral notes with pinches of cedar wrapped together in a velvety smooth delivery. Very, very nice.

Maintains its composure, even near the end

While the flavours are decided medium bodied, the WOAM actually packs quite a nicotine punch that left me with a very nice buzz as it approached the final inch or so. By then, a smile was permanently plastered on my face. Yummy. Newbies, or those with low-nicotine tolerance, be warned!

It was sad to put down

Verdict: What a “WOW” cigar! Doesn’t last very long; even under the most patient stroking, this cigar didn’t last more than 50 minutes. But every single draw was very satisfying, a top-class example of the brilliance of the Hemingway series. If this cigar ever crosses your path, don’t let it go. Very Highly Recommended.