Specially made to celebrate 100 years of the La Aurora brand, these limited edition cigars are made with a special Dominican corojo wrapper that has been aged at least 4 years. The filler and binder have been aging since 1996. Limited to just 300,000 cigars, all in all, some amazing quality tobacco and care has gone into these cigars. Surely, i was in for a treat!

So there i sat, under the twirling fan (set on low because i don’t want the sweet smoke to disperse too quickly), air cond in the background, a bit of soft music, running the cigar in one hand, a glass of cold water with a pinch of lemon in the other. Lets see what this cigar was all about.

Very even burn, firm ash

The first thing that struck me about this cigar was — damn, this is a flawless wrapper. And i really mean it: natural tones, basically veinless with a nice silky feel to it. Wow. Top quality leaf, well cared for and immaculately rolled.

Holding its foot to my nose, i took a deep breath and was pummeled by an assault of a very strong chocolate aroma! Imagine deep, musky chocolate and you’ll have an idea what i experienced. The wrapper itself smelled a bit sweet and floral, but the binder and filler was very chocolaty.

Ash maintains its composure

I snipped off its cap with my trusty cutter, then dry-drawed it for a moment to test the draw and also get an impression of the taste of the raw, unlit tobacco. Draw was excellent, just right. The unlit tobacco was very spicy, quite a bit of woody notes to it. Interesting.

A quick light later, and we were away! The volume of smoke that came with each draw was prodigious! It was like a bonfire worth of thick smoke from just a small little stick of tobacco! And it was quite tasty too: just a bit of spice at the beginning, but some very pronounced woody flavours with hints of cinnamon and clove, slightly sweet. Very, very smooth, without a hint of bitterness. It stayed this way, medium-bodied, right up to the band, about the last 2 inches or so. That’s when this cigar fell from heaven down to hell.

Good — no tunneling at all

The last 1.5 inches was almost painful. Bitter tastes invaded each draw, the spice factor went up suddenly and nearly took my tongue right out of my head; not very pleasing when things change so dramatically. Smoked it as long as i could, but couldn’t finish the last inch or so. Readers of this blog will know that’s very unusual for me: i normally take a good cigar down to the last couple centimeters.

Verdict: A very interesting cigar. Looks beautiful, with an excellent draw. Burns evenly with huge amounts of smoke. Tastes great too for the most of it, but then turns strangely ugly in the last third or so. Very, very unusual. Tastes become bitter, the mild pleasant spice is replaced by very strong peppers. Had to put it out not much long after. You could say this cigar has “character”! 🙂