The official launch of the Trinidad brand happened in 1998, although its flagship the Fundadores was actually being given out as diplomatic gifts since the early 1980s. For 6 years, the Trinidad only had the Fundadores (Laguito Especial vitola). In 2004, Trinidad launched 3 new sizes: the Reyes (tres petit), the Coloniales (petit corona), and the Robusto Extra (robusto gorda?).

The Reyes is a small little cigar; about 4 inches with a 40 ring gauge. Just about the same size as a Partagas Shorts and Cohiba Siglo I. In theory a quick 20-30 minute smoke. For that full cigar taste when little time was to be had. Well, its either i’ve started smoking very slowly (i haven’t), or these cigars are built to go a full 45-60 minutes. Quite incredible actually, for such a small cigar to last that long once lit, as i was about to find out.

Wonderful packaging! 12-stick box

Absolutely gorgeous cigars

Visually, this cigar is A-Class. Flawless, silky smooth wrapper. Outstanding texture and an almost unbelievable visual presence. Wow. The chaps at El Laguito have really out done themselves this time. Its been rumoured that the Trinidads are the only brand that the Cubans try very hard NOT TO RUSH through production. On the evidence of the quality of the leaf used, this rumour may very well be true.

Notice the pig tail cap

The scent is strangely mild with just a few hints of fresh grass and pine. I was really expecting something stronger given the reputation of the leaf that went into the Trinidads.

Burn starts out even with a grey ash

Lighting up such a small cigar took very little effort. A lick of the flame and it was away. The first few draws told me that i had a winner on my hands. The draw itself was perfect; just firm enough to make it interesting. Smoke volume was impressive for such a small number. And the flavour? Excellent. Large doses of fresh bean flavours, just very slightly spicy, almost reminiscent of the classic Cohiba experience, but just not quite. Something is distinctively different about this blend: the floral elements in the flavour and aroma which tend to be in the background of the Cohiba taste profile is much further in the foreground with the Reyes. Oh yummy, indeed!

(Image lost) Maintains its composure in the final 3rd

Overall, the flavour was actually light-medium bodied, not nearly as medium-full as the other marquee Cuban brands — methinks this is intentional to ensure that the Trinidad offers something different from all the rest. Very easy to get into, and very pleasing to enjoy.

Its tough to nub such a small cigar!

Verdict: Took me a good 45 minutes to finish — quite slow for a self-proclaimed puffer such as myself. But i ain’t complaining. The Trinidad is a beautiful, elegant cigar and should take as long as it does to give you proper time to appreciate its flavours fully. A very pleasant cigar that makes me salivate over the prospect of its larger brothers, the Coloniales and the Robusto Extra. Highly Recommended.