Its been a while since the famed Hoyo de Monterrey brand launched a new size — and they certainly weren’t spared Habanos SA‘s recent expansion of vitolas. The Montecristo Edmundo, Cohiba Siglo VI, the upcoming Cohiba Sublime, the Cuaba Diademas, the new Trinidad vitolas — wthin this past year or so, a virtual avalance of new vitolas are penetrating the market. The Petit Robusto is Hoyo’s (HDM) entry.

This cigar is just so incredibly cute — just 4 inches long, with a stubby 50 ring gauge, this cigar is short, fat and very ample. There seems to be a trend to increase the ring gauges on the new Cubans (Cohiba Sublimes will have a ring of 54!), and this is no different. Generally speaking, cigars with larger ring gauges tend to deliver the full flavour of the cigar very quickly; thinner cigars tend to be much more subtle and complex.

The leaf used in this cigar is most certainly classic Hoyo stock — straight from the tobacco leaves of the Hoyo de Monterrey plantation which is located on the fertile banks of San Juan y Martinez River, right in the heart of the Vuelta Abajo region. Its has very minor veins along its natural wrapper, and a nice silky feel to it. Top quality leaf, well looked after.

Beautiful, silky wrapper

The scent test reveals a distinctively fresh floral bouquet that tickles the nose with sharp cuts. The pre-light draw offered an interesting metallic flavour, quite spicy on the tongue. This was going to be one hell of an interesting cigar once lit, of that i was sure.

Burns even and cleanly all the way to the band

I wasn’t far wrong. It lit easily enough, and the burn was even and clean. The draw is superb; absolutely no problems at all, just offering enough resistance to make it interesting.

Perhaps its the size, the shortness, the large ring gauge, and the blend used to make this cigar. Because it very, very quickly began delivering very pleasant flavours — almost like an HDM Epicure #2 on steroids: a huge burst of floral spices that is almost sweet in its composition. Wonderful flavours, and much spicier, more impactful than the Epicure #2 which does take a bit of time to get going.

Good till the stub — hard to put down

Towards the final third or so, this cigar showed its complexity by slowly changing its flavours to a pleasant bitter sweet chocolate musk; not overpowering but certainly a real wake-up and pay attention call. I found it terrribly delightful.

Verdict: I’m in a lot of danger of liking this cigar very much. The size is excellent, it burns even and slowly (about 60 minutes burn time) and the flavours are simply astounding. 2004 has been a very good year for Habanos SA — with the petit robusto, its clear that they have another winner. Highly Recommended.