La Flor Dominicana is a fairly new brand — incorporated in 1994, owned by husband and wife team of Litto Gomez and Ines Lorenzo-Gomez, they’ve slowly carved out a reputation for themselves by producing some quality cigars. But when they launched their original LFD Ligero series in 2001, that’s when people started paying attention. LFD were producing some real powerhouse cigars.

In 2003, LFD debuted the Double Ligero Chisel series. Two things made this an interesting cigar: the shape of the head was unusual, likened to the head of “chisel“, it looks very much like the mouthpiece of a musical instrument. The second thing that made people notice this cigar was it power and strength. Cigar Aficionado reported that this cigar would bring even the most seasoned smoker to his knees. Yup, they got that part right.

(Images lost) Notice the interesting chisel head

Moki, that sadistic fiend, was laughing his head off when i nearly collapsed from the Opus XXX “Power Ranger” a couple months back. Ever since then, i think he’s been trying to ambush me with another cigar that had the power to put me under. When i he sent me these sticks, all he said were, “these are interesting, you’ll like ’em”. Uhuh, yeah, right.

(Images lost) Beautiful wrapper, even burn at the start

So there i was with the LFD Double Ligero Chisel Natural, knowing from reputation that this was a strong cigar, but still in no way prepared for what lay ahead.

The wrapper on this, quite frankly, lovely cigar is very, very silky. Dark natural in colour, its smooth, veinless and very appealing. Sexy, alluring and without any hint of the power within. The scent test didn’t reveal much either — there was a slight fruity aroma with touches of cinnamon. Ecuadorian wrapper around Dominican Republic filler and binder: the evidence is that Oliva Co. Sumatran-seed wrapper from Ecuador is excellent. Unfortunately, not too many cigars in the market sport this leaf.

Cutting this cigar was an experience. The “chisel” head made it awkward — i settled for a straight cut right across the top. Not sure whether i sliced off too much or too little, but the chisel head maintained its shape, and as i placed it into my mouth i was very pleased to find that it felt very comfortable. Its shape like the mouthpiece of a music instrument is very intuitive; feels excellent in the mouth and i can imagine it would make smoking larger ring gauge cigars much easier.

(Images lost) Burn became uneven as the power stepped up

A quick light later, and this cigar was away. The draw was excellent; just nice. Burn was a bit uneven, but that wasn’t such a big deal. Unlike the Juan Lopez Seleccion #2 i reviewed earlier, the LFD really sneaks up on you. The initial flavours were quite mild; a pleasing slight tangy fruitiness with a touch of pepper. The aroma of the thick billowing smoke was quite nice and really added positively to the overall experience.

This cigar began its assault on me after the first third — almost like a gunshot to the head, the very, very heavy nicotine punch came rushing in and nearly smacked me off the sofa. I thought a heavy meal before lighting up would offer some protection, but it apparently didn’t. Through each draw (which by now had turned into a bitter-sweet chocolate spice), wave after wave of flavour washed over me. In no time at all, i was feeling lightheaded and dizzy, though pleasantly so. Quickly, i grabbed a couple of mints and began sucking away, hoping the sugar would help restore balance in my system. But the Chisel was just too strong and simply would not be denied a victory.

(Images lost) Still two inches left when i surrendered!

After about an hour, the cigar was down to the last 2 inches or so. I couldn’t go any further and gave up. The Chisel had won.

Verdict: It looks good, it tastes good, it smells great — a wonderful cigar in many ways and one that i truly enjoyed based on flavour and appearance; LFD is really producing some amazing cigars in the Dom Republic — their goal of producing a true puro can’t be too far off. But the Chisel was just too strong for me. It took me some time to sleep it off. Didn’t have another cigar for 7 days. 🙂