There has been some debate about the pros and cons of long ash — does the length of a cigar mean anything?

Generally speaking, i don’t think a cigar’s ash does anything tastewise; some have argued that the ash tends to cool the air going through the cigar, there are other opinions that the ash actually spoils the taste of the cigar since air intake is filtered by ash-flavours.

I don’t really think there’s much evidence supporting either view: the cigar tastes just the same to me either way.

But the length of a cigar’s ash does indicate a few things about the nature of the cigar:

1. Long ash = long filler
2. Long ash = superb quality leaf
3. Long ash = testamony of the high standards of the cigar’s construction and skill of the roller

And, lastly, i just reckon that long ash is cool fun, and something that adds to the enjoyment of the cigar — the “WOW” factor is definitely something to smile at.

Whatever the merits and demerits of long ash, below you’ll find some fun pics i took of the ash from an Opus X Super Belicoso (5 5/8″ x 52) i smoked tonight. Just goes to show what a wonderfully well-constructed cigar the Opus X is (besides tasting damn yummy to boot!), and the quality of the leaf used in the cigar. Enjoy!

I’ve lost the pics for the Opus X Super Belicoso, so instead i’ve used the Anejo #77 pics of the same purpose.