Established in 1938, this cigar has just 6 regular production vitolas — that explains why it tends to stay out of the mainstream market eye as far as Cuban cigars are concerned. But it has its following of fans, aficionados who enjoy the subtle sweetness and complexity of this amazing brand.

The Double Corona is a relatively hard to find cigar; virtually impossible to get hold of here in Kuala Lumpur — small production numbers and the lack of demand for one of Cuba’s lesser marketed brands are possible explanations. Its also interesting to note that the SLR DC is only available in cabinets of 50 sticks — that makes it even less popular with most retailers who are hesitant to take on such a large number of cigars in a single box.

But what a sight there are: there are few things more beautiful in the world of cigars than a full wheel of double coronas, nestling comfortably in their wooden cabinet. Just over 7 inches of goodness rolled in a generous 49 ring gauge.

(Image lost) A beautiful wrapper, marvelous size

It took remarkable skill to produce this cigar. The uniformity from stick to stick is amazing, the quality of the wrapper and construction impeccable. Running my fingers across its slick surface revealed a nice coating of fine oils; silky smooth under the fingers, hardly a bump or vein in sight. No hard spots that i could detect, this cigar was going to burn razor sharp, i could tell. The scent was one of spicy meats — drief beef, smoked and cured with a large dose of cedar and wood. A very palatable scent that made me even more eager to light it up.

(Image lost) Very pleasing grey ash — razor even burn too

As i cut it, the pre-light draw was spicy to the tongue and lips. Interesting. A touch of the torch later, and this cigar lit, almost effortlessly. The draw was excellent, just nice and almost right away a delivery of flavours came pouring in. There was a light pepper spice to it, folded over butter cream and burnt cookie flavours. Very rich and smooth.

(Image lost) Excellent in the last third!

Past the first third, touches of light vanilla notes that i found tremedously pleasing. As it went past halfway, towards the end — this cigar showed a lot of character by moving up a notch in terms of flavour. Everything became more intense, and focused; my palatte lit up with pleasure tingles and needles. This cigar wanted to grabbed my attention from the beginning and made sure, more than 2 hours down the road, that my attention never waivered from it. I can safely testify that the SLR DC succeeded in its mission.

(Image lost) With something this good, it must be a nubber!

Verdict: This is an amazing cigar and any serious cigar lover should find some space in his humidor for at least a couple of sticks. Took me nearly 3 hours to savour slowly, perhaps one of the longest amounts of time i’ve ever spent on a cigar — it burns slow and even, yet offers a ton of smoke. So make sure you have lots of time to fully dedicate to this magnificent cigar before you light it up. The nicotine kick is not too strong; a nice little buzz at the end marked the completion of a wonderful journey. Very highly recommended.