Created by the current generation of the Perdomo family as a tribute for their grand patriarch, Silvio Perdomo, the Edicion de Silvio (“EDS”) has been called the “crowning achievement” of the Perdomo brand. Limited to just 50,000 sticks worldwide, this all-Cuban seed cigar is special for so many reasons: the blend of tobaccos is a closely guarded secret, the bins in which the tobacco is fermented are 50-years old oak caskets lined with Spanish cedar, only a handful of torcedors are good enough to make these cigars. Without a doubt, a very special cigar and a worthy tribute to the man who made Perdomo cigars possible.

I was saving the solitary stick i had for a special moment, a moment of relative peace and quiet when i could properly savour this magnificent cigar. That moment came sooner than i thought, so i settled into my leather sofa one night, glass of ice water in hand, TV switched on to my favourite channel.

Visually, this is a lovely, lovely cigar, all 7 inches of it, wrapped around a very ample 49 ring gauge. Perhaps one of the most flawless wrappers i’ve ever seen. A fine light natural wrapper, devoid of any veins, incredibly silky smooth to the touch. Its almost like running my fingers over smooth marble. Outstanding. Its a bit firm under the touch; not much “give” as i applied the pinch test. This cigar has spent some time in my humidor, so i would have expected a slightly less firm, moist touch.

First third

I took deep breaths of this cigar, pre-light. The wrapper, and especially the exposed tobacco at its foot gave off a very mild grassy aroma; a very thin-tobacco profile which i found interesting.

It took a moment to snip the cap off, and another moment to toast it. It lit easily within a minute, the smoke from the first draw filling the room comfortably. The very first draw had a metallic savoury taste to it that i found strange, but it soon disappeared. The draw itself was a bit firm, slighly firmer than i normally enjoy, but still acceptable i suppose. Smoke volume was good, and had a nice thick, meaty consistency to it.

A very pleasant dark grey ash

Just like any good Big Stick, this cigar took me on a long 2.5 hour of discovery. The first third offered a touch of bitterness of the coffee variety, with an interesting chalky taste. A bit strange, not entirely pleasurable, but certainly very different from what i was used to. The aroma was perhaps the best thing going for this cigar at this point: it was a very prominent floral aroma that tickled my nose silly.

Maintains an even burn right to the band

The 2nd third improved this cigar dramatically. Mild grassy flavours started coming through, somewhat similar to the taste of young-ish Cohiba Robusto. Refined wood chips thrown in, the flavour was really opening up — a little bit of spiciness came through as well. Nice!

Excellent flavours at this point, yum!

The final third, the draw finally opens up and lots of complex grassy flavours coming through. The spicy pepperness was very pronounced at this time, and right at the very end, there was quite a bit of bitter dark chocolate notes thrown it. Interesting.

Took this to the nub

Verdict: While the flavour was very pleasant and complex, refined in many many ways, the cigar’s draw made it difficult to enjoy completely. Perhaps this is symptomatic of the vitola — double coronas are known to be quite sensitive to such draw issues. The flavours and aroma of this cigar make it a worth while experiment for the experienced aficionado. A very, very pleasant tasting medium bodied cigar with a pinch of spice to keep things zesty. Yum!