Introduced in 1901, the powerful flavour of the Bolivar range is almost as widely know as it’s namesake, Simon Bolivar (1783-1830), the celebrated Venezuelan warrior who liberated all or part of what is today Venezuela, Columbia, Peru and Bolivia. For a brand that is more than 100 years old, this is one of the mainstays of the Cuban stable — its got a large following, and from the evidence of the Bolivar Petit Corona, its easy to see why.

I’ve heard so many good things about the Bolivar Petit Corona. A cab of 50s sticks of this cigar is relatively hard to come by; they are more commonly found in their 25 stick dress box packaging. Therefore, when i found a cabinet of the Boli PC, i knew it was an opportunity i couldn’t pass up.

(Image lost) Bullets of Cuban tobacco

The box code on this cabinet is OSU FEB 03, Partagas factory, boxed in February 2003. This cigar has got a little bit of age on it, and this was apparent with the very slight ammonia scent that comes from the full wheel of cigars. Most of the nasty chemicals have burned off, and perhaps in another 6-12 months, will disappear altogether.

(Image lost) Natural colour, lovely leaf

The cigar itself is quite impressive, physically. A light natural colour, the wrapper is crossed with some minimal veining, and is blessed with quite a healthy sheen of oils. No hard or soft spots were detected. Based on this, i expected the cigar to draw wonderfully.

The scent is interesting — different from most other Bolivars i’ve had: a type of metallic, iron filling sweetness. A pleasant, though strange, mild aroma. Nothing to write home about, and it certainly didn’t reveal anything of what was to come.

(Image lost) Burns well, even dark grey ash

A quick snip, and a light later — this cigar took the flame like a hungry calf takes to his mother’s tit! One thing i’ve always enjoyed with the Bolivar brand is that it doesn’t take long to get started (unlike the Partagas brand that needs some time to deliver). It was no different with the Bolivar Petit Corona — a quick delivery of very present toasted caramel and honey flavours with a touch of pepper (this got more pronounced as the cigar went on). Excellent, excellent, excellent. From start to finish, this cigar was tasty, and flavoursome.

(Image lost) Maintains its composure well, towards the end

The aroma of the smoke was also exceptional — a very fresh-garden floral scent that just filled up the room with each billowing mouthful of creamy, thick smoke. Its amazing that such a small cigar can produce so much smoke with each draw. The final thing that amazes me about this cigar is how smooth it is even under heavy puffing; not a hint of harshness. Just concentrated goodness.

(Image lost) Time for a toothpick!

Verdict: This cigar lives up to the hype, no doubt about it. The cabinet version is reasonably rare, but its worth the search — i’ve heard that the dress box version is not as good. Burns relatively slowly — about 60 minutes if taken slowly. Required no touch ups, or relights. A pleasant, easy cigar that can be enjoyed by the novice and matured aficionado alike. Highly Recommended.