The history of the Opus X brand is the stuff legends are made of: everyone said the creation of such a cigar, a premium Dominican puros, was impossible. The Opus X proved the naysayers wrong. People scoffed at the premium prices of this cigar, some even said that it would be the death of the brand. They were wrong too — the Opus X, at nearly any price, is among the most sought after cigar on earth. With a market dominated by thousands of Cuban and non-Cuban brands, that’s saying something.

Of the range of Opus, the ones i’ve had are the XXX @ “Power Ranger”, the Perfecxion #4, and the Super Belicoso. The Petite Lancero was next, generously donated to me by the effervescent Andrew. By far, the slimmest ring gauge of the lot — this promised to be an interesting experience as they always are with the fabled Opus X.

Visually, this is a beautiful cigar — beautiful in the Kate Moss sorta way, the slim, thin lines of a sleek sports car. A perfect rosado wrapper, lush with a thick coating of oils. Seems that young-ish Opus X tend to have very oily wrappers, to the point that those oils may effect the eveness and quality of the burn. It would be interesting to see whether that would be the case here.

(Image lost) Clear white ash

Running this tube of pleasure underneath my nose unlocked some deep primal instincts within me — a very sharp, fruity, raisin aroma thrust itself into me. Within minutes, i was delirious with joy. I think what makes the Opus scent special is that its so unique; there really isn’t any other cigar quite like it. Awesome!

As i clipped this cigar and began to light it, i told myself to take things slow. Longer, slimmer cigars such as the petite lancero or lonsdale, can burn hot and harsh if the proper patience was not exercised. As the results will show, it was advice well heeded. In no time at all, the cigar was lit, a cool burning amber glow emitted from its foot. A quick double draw, and it was truly on its way.

(Image lost) The oiliness of the wrapper makes the burn a bit uneven

The first thing i noticed about the petite lancero was its aroma — the smoke gave off a very strong spicy-raisin scent that i found absolutely delightful; within moments the room smelled like sweet tobacco perfume.

(Image lost) A whole lot of pleasure here!

The petite lancero does not take its time to deliver its payload of flavours: very quickly, the cigar developed some very, very spicy (almost chili hot to the tongue and lips!) woody flavours, laced with a thin coil of raisins. Some people have commented that this fruity flavour is actual spicy cinnamon, but to me it tastes decidedly like well preserved raisins. By half way, my tongue and lips were on fire, and it took a few glasses of ice cool water to calm things down, and restore the tastebuds — what a fantastic experience it was! Full of flavours, exciting and refreshingly aromatic all at the same time. That was what the true Opus X experience was all about.

(Image lost) Took it all the way down to the very nub!

Verdict: The cigar never got harsh or rough on me; i smoked it ultra-slow, and it lasted more than 90 minutes. By the end, i was satiated and extremely happy: the nicotine buzz was quite pronounced, though not quite as strong as the Power Ranger’s. An absolutely top-class cigar! Highly recommended.