‘ve reviewed this cigar once before, and it was a knockout then — a few months ago, i received another box of 10 of these beauties, and i was surprised that this box, box-code LLN MAY 04, was substantially darker and richer in texture and colour than the previous one. Could such a superb cigar get any better?

There was a secondary special occasion to celebrate lighting up such a coveted cigar: it was the first time i was using my new Limited Edition Habanos XTend lighter — an absolute peach of a lighter, i’ve wanted one for the longest time, so when i finally got it, i figured the first cigar to meet its flame would be one of the best i had in my humidor.


We all have our own little rituals before we light up a cigar: i feel the cigar in my fingers first, rolling it around, gently pressing it here and there to check whether there will be any hard spots to spoil my enjoyment of the cigar. Satisfied, i take it and run it across the bottom of my nose, breathing in deeply its aroma, trying to imagine the fertile soil that was its birthplace. This pre-light ceremony itself can be a true pleasure, especially if the cigar you’re about to light up falls into the category of a super-premium as the Siglo VI easily does.

Notice the rich wrapper

The wrapper was perfectly oily to the touch, very smooth, almost like fine Korean silk. There is a certain texture that is hard to describe: the closes i can come to it, is the feeling of running my fingers down a woman’s freshly shaved legs — its that sort of smoothness. The aroma of the unlit tobacco is remarkably musky; a spicy cedar/wood pinch with that distinct scent that can only be Cuban tobacco.

A quick snip later, the cigar is ready for lighting. The Xtend lighter does an admirable job — a perfectly consistent flame that easily toasts the foot of the cigar from a couple inches out. It doesn’t take long to bring this cigar to life, and soon, there is a wispy trail of smoke climbing to the ceiling.

Dark grey ash

The first draw, like a first kiss, is a telling experience — i just knew that this cigar was going to be a great experience as i swirled the first draw of smoke in my mouth. The flavours were rich and full of life: a spicy tingling, biting away at my palate.

A bit uneven towards the end…

…but it evens itself nicely

Apart of the initial spicy punch, this cigar quickly withdraws into a more manageable toasted flavour: imagine raw vanilla beans mixed into a ground of freshly crushed coffee, and that would be a good approximation of this cigar’s flavour after about an inch of burn. It stays this way, consistently smooth and rich, until near the end, when it rears its spicy head once more, bursting the palate with a thick espresso punch.

The draw throughout is perfect, and the aroma of the smoke is like fine perfume. A truly wonderful smoking experience.

Good to the end

Verdict: Just like the first time around, this is perhaps once of the greated smoking experiences i’ve ever had. One of the very best cigars, the Siglo VI — and certainly not to be missed by any aficionado looking for the very best.