After having the Morales Custom Robusto Extra a few nights ago, and knowing that the Morales had Cohiba Sublime binder and filler, i suddenly became very curious at what the real Sublime tastes like. I’ve been hibernating the single stick i have for quite some time now, ever since a true blue BOTL gifted it to me (its much too expensive for me to buy my own). Looking for the right time to smoke it, i suddenly decided that last night was as good as any other, and decided to go for it.

Its true, they say its tough to smoke the cigar you only have one of, but i’ve always believed that cigars are meant to be smoked — so it was time for the Sublime to go. And burn, it did.

The Cobiba Sublime is Cohiba’s EL for 2004 — a huge monster of a cigar, with unheard of dimensions for a Cuban cigar, 6.4 inches, with a ring gauge that really does look larger than the reported 54. A lot of tobacco went into this stick. Whoa.

The wrapper had a glorious deep rosado hue. Marble red, i would call it. Dark, rich and enticing. Smooth as silk, the humi time has done it well — incredibly oily disposition, leaving a thin film of slipperiness on my fingers. No hard spots, as i turned it over in my fingers, not soft spots either. A very well engineered cigar, but definitely something that defies normal proportions — you wouldn’t have seen Winston Churchill smoking this cigar.

The aroma of the unlit tobacco tickled my nose in the most playful manner: spicy, beans, a hint of wood, compounded with the aroma that only quality Cuban tobacco can provide. Nice!

It took a moment to properly align the blades of my cutter to snip off the cap from this monster cigar; after doing that, it took considerable patience to get it lit due to its siZe. But once it was done, i was rewarded by some very interesting, almost unique flavours.

The draw was perfect, the smoke volume was pleasurable. The initial flavour — wow — was like be sting! Almost like a young Opus X, the chilli padi (very hot malaysian chilli peppers) flavour bites deeps into the lips and tongue; mixed with some citrus flavours, its an experience unmatched with any other Cuban cigar i’ve smoked to date.

This hot start subsides very quickly, about one-third of the way through, replaced by a deep flowery flavour, akin to rose burnt caramel. Every few minutes or so, i’m struck with muted honeyed espresso flavours. The complexity of this cigar is absolutely delightful, and is perhaps its greatest strength.

In comparison to the Morales, which shares the same binder and filler, the Sublime is a truly different animal — the amount of time the Sublime spends aging post-rolling could play a large role in that fact. It has time for the oils and flavours to mix, to mature and to come to the surface. The only similarity in flavour seems to lie in that distinct “grassy bean” flavour that i’ve noticed very unique to the Cohiba brand.

Verdict: A perfect drawing cigar that lasted the better part of 2 hours. Its oiliness may have contributed to some minor burn problems i encountered, but otherwise, it was a very interesting and worthwhile experience. The only thing that puts me off giving this my highest recommendation will be the price — as an EL, its perhaps the best i’ve had to date, but perhaps not to the point that justifies its price. Highly Recommended.