A great debate is raging over the Internet — with the opening of the Casa Fuente (not actually owned by the Fuente brand, but acts as a showcase of all things Fuente) in Las Vegas recently, many loyal Fuente aficionados are angry that the shop seems to have in stock great amounts of rare Fuente cigars such as the Hemingway Classic Sun Grown, the 858 Sun Grown, Anejos, and OpusX. Their argument is these cigars are incredibly rare, and are usually unavailable in their local tobacconists — yet Casa Fuente in Vegas has them by the boxes and boxes. And they are being sold at very expensive prices. There have been some claims of profiteering, and price gouging, and unfair distribution of what are some of the most sought-after cigars on the planet.

Personally, i think its a silly problem. (A) Rental/Overheads in Las Vegas, on the Strip, are extremely expensive — you can’t expect to sell Fuente at MSRP and expect to break even, much less make a profit. (B) The rare cigars mentioned — man, these are some of the very, very best cigars on this planet bar none — it makes sense for them to be available at premium prices at Casa Fuente. Sure, this may mean less of a limited product in local shops near you, but that doesn’t necessary make it wrong; Capitalism 101.

People are going to be upset with this — they will feel that they are being robbed, denied of their favourite, rare cigars. But (A) there is a ton of other great cigars out there, and (B) hey, with a shop that you know will always have them in stock (OPUS X FOOTBALLS TOO??!!) at least you have a chance of actually getting these cigars!

Without Casa Fuente, the only way i’ll ever have a chance to smoke these will be if someone gifts them to me, and that’s unlikely due to their rarity. If i ever visit Vegas again, i’ll be sure to pick up a box or two. I’ll be paying a premium, yes, but i’ll be happy to do it since at least then i’ll have a chance to own these cigars. And, really, i don’t mind paying US$10-20-30 for these babies — by definition they are rare cigars, so i expect to pay a little more to have the privilege of experiencing their delight. Simple economic logic wouldn’t have it any other way; straightforward supply and demand theory.