Its been a long, long time coming: an addition of a pyramide to the venerable Partagas offering of vitolas. In 2000, the Partagas Pyramide EL was introduced and was received very, very warmly — so much so that the original Partagas Pyramide is among one of the most sought after ELs in the market today. I’ve had one of those babies a while back, and i thoroughly enjoyed it. If the new, regular production Partagas Serie P pyramides are anything like those original ELs, then Habanos has another winner on their hands. Let’s see how they fare.

Received a couple of boxes a few days ago, and they looked like chocolate coated shiny candy then — it was all i could do to say, “No” to myself and hold back. After a long journey they needed a short rest, so it was only last night when i took one out, ready to turn it to ashes.

The Serie P is a magnificently constructed cigar — its dimensions very closely resemble a Montecristo #2, though by my measurements, the Serie P is a touch longer, and a touch thinner. The extra length and sleeker lines give it a very refined, polished elegant look.

Rolling the cigar in the palm of my hand, i noticed how well balanced it was. It rolled straight and true. The wrapper is exceptionally oily, and as the close up pics show, small little blops of healthy bloom are already apparent on them. That’s a very rare occurence for a cigar still so young.

The prelight scent was a mixture of nectarine spice and wood — very sweet and solid, in the typical Partagas manner. The foot of the cigar unloaded a bitter burnt bean aroma that made me sneeze almost immediately. Quite remarkable: imagine concentrated aromas from a Serie D4 and you’ll understand how the unlit Serie P smells.

Some people take large cuts out of their pyramides heads, but i take a cut as small as possible. A quick snip latter, and the Serie P was ready to light. A silent thank you to the Gods of tobacco, and i put the torch to the leaf, and watched it light. It didn’t take long, and i was away with my first few deep draws.

Smoke volume is average, it took a big, full draw to get a load of smoke into the air as i like it. The draw is just right — perfect resistance, each draw was a dream.

I like to refer to pyramides as my short Churchills. Not too long to take forever to smoke, and not too short so as to have very little complexity; often is the case with robustos that the moment they start getting interesting, that’s when they have to be put out. The Serie P did not disappoint in this regard — it turned out to be a very, very interesting smoking experience.

The first half was loaded with chili-pepper spice. The initial draws lit up my lips and tongue with bursts of tingling pin-pricks. But it receded quickly, to be replaced by a thick, musky chocolate mousse. I rolled around in my mouth, through all the corners, and left a very marked impression. Very little bitterness, though quite full bodied. The 2nd half, shifted this cigar very much up the classic Partagas alley: strong woody flavours, capped with a pinch of raw peppers. It lit up my palate and a few groans of pleasure left my lips as particular draws every few puffs of so would somehow draw out huge chunks of thick, juicy flavours. It does what a good, aged Serie D4 does, but it does it better. And younger too.

Verdict: The box code is SVF MAR 05 — my first ’05 cigars and i must say i’m very, very pleased. Smoked this one down to the very end, and just wished it could have lasted longer. A great, great cigar right out of the box that is guaranteed to please any aficionado of Cuban leaf. If its this good now, i can only wonder how good it’ll be with a few years of age on it. A must try. My Cigar Blog’s Highest Possible Recommendation.