Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you what was perhaps one of the Top 3 best cigars i’ve ever had: the Partagas 2000 Millenium Reserve Salamone. A truly incredible cigar with tons of flavour unique to any Habanos; every inch seemed to tell a story of its own, with the first and last inch providing the most powerful punches.

Spicy and full, the middle ground lights up the palate with rich, caramelized sugar-sweetness woody flavours. Not many of these babies are easily available nowadays, and i feel privileged to have had a stick to smoke on my birthday a few days ago. Its almost pointless to try to describe it any further: take all your most wonderful experiences from all the great cigars you’ve ever had and roll them into one, and perhaps you’ll get an inkling of what a treat this cigar offers. Beg, trade or steal one of this babies — simply a “MUST-HAVE” for any discerning aficionado.