Carlito Fuente, the legendary Fuente behind the success that is the Fuente Fuente Opus X (which happens to be one of my all-time favourite cigar brands) recently revealed some interesting information about the Forbidden X inside the Cigar in the Bottle:

These cigars (Forbidden X) in are actually the same exact cigar that comes (well, will come) in the Cigar in the Bottle package:

The filler is the Opus X tobacco blend that is cured in Calvados barrels (as opposed to the rum barrels the use to cure the Opus X tobacco in)… the same barrels that are used for aging the Calvados Grand Pommier. The wrapper is Dominican sun-grown corojo wrapper picked from the mid-section of the plant, grown on Chateau d’Fuente. That same Dominican sun grown corojo wrapper leaf (though picked from the top of the plant) will be used as a wrapper on the upcoming Ashton ESGs.

This explains why these cigars are similar to Opus, but something different and exquisite altogether!

Image from the official site

The Cigar in the Bottle will prove to be a real collector’s item when it finally makes its debut. the wait seems to be like forever; i’ve heard that the official launch has been delayed several times for reasons unknown. Wonder what the real reason for the delay has been?