Its been a busy and hectic time for me recently, thus i’ve begun to gravitate towards the shorter cigars. The petit coronas, and the tres petits have become sizes of choice — quick 30-45 minutes, then off to bed. 🙂 There are a ton of small cigars out there, most brands offer the vitola, but its been my experience that its much more difficult to produce a good short cigar, than it is to produce a good larger one.

Among the Cuban brethren, the Partagas Shorts is a perennial favourite in this category, the Ramon Allones Small Club Corona (RASCC) is a less famous option, though equally special in its own right.

Visually, there is rarely anything very special about this cigar. I’ve gone through a many boxes (wish they would come in cabinets of 50s!), and they’ve all looked alright, though a bit veiny and rough at times. Leads me to suspect that perhaps the quality of the wrapper isn’t exactly top grade.

But don’t let its appearances fool you — a quick sniff around the length of the cigar and its foot reveals some very sharp, sweet notes. For those of you familiar with the Ramon Allones Specially Selected (RASS), you’ll know what i mean — however subtle differences in the aromas (the RASCC has more pronounced dark honey smell) suggests the blend of tobaccos in both cigars are different. The RASCC is not a smaller version of the RASS.

The draw on this particular cigar was a bit firmer than i normally prefer, but it was still within acceptable boundaries. A quick light and a few long draws later, this cigar was well and truly lit, the room began to fill with the very sweet smoke that immediately points to the burning of a Cuban cigar.

The thing i really like about the Shorts and the RASCC is that, for such a small cigar, the flavour delivery is almost immediate. Almost like a sports car, it can go from 0 – HOLY MAMA! in less than a dozen draws. When this cigar reaches that peak (and it stays there until the last inch), it delivers a very pleasant flavour: sweet woody notes, laced with hints of burn cinnamon and thyme. I detected some very faint herbal notes which i found very unusual, but these quickly disappeared after half way. Unlike the Shorts that delivers pow-wow power all the way, the RASCC is surprisingly complex for something so short; well, not that “complex” in absolute terms (being such a short smoke, there are limits), but certainly a very interesting, thought invoking cigar in relative terms.

The last inch is where the RASCC kicks it up one notch further — you’ll notice, by smacking your lips and by running your tongue along the insides of your mouth, there is a distinct chocolate flavour in the smoke. Followed shortly by a very large dose of spiciness, it makes for a superb ending, well worth the time spent.

Verdict: A supply of RASCCs in the humidor would not do you wrong. Reliable, consistent and yummy-yummy tasty, the perfect cigar when time is limited and expectations are high. Recommended.