Its been a long time since my last posting — not because i haven’t been smoking any good cigars (i had a Morales Double Corona the other night that was absolutely divine!), but due to many offline commitments i’ve had recently.

However, i try to reply all the cigar-related questions i receive via email. This is one particular question that seems to be asked quite a lot so i thought it best to share it with everyone:

I wonder if you can resolve a question for me…? I read that different cigars (different brands or vitolas) should not touch each other as tasted mix (cigars marry) inside the humi. I have tried to keep most cigars in their own little niche inside the 3 humis I have, but is is impossible to do whit the singles I guy for tasting different Habanos. If these cigars are stores together will their tastes mix…? A lot or a little?

The following is my reply:

I wouldn’t worry about some inter-mingling between your cigars, any transferance of flavour/aroma is negligible and not normally discernible over a short-medium term. Having said that, i do have one humi where i INTENTIONALLY keep the cigars form different nations (including my Cubans) together in close proximity. Sorta like a long-term experiment to see what would happen under such circumstances.

Smoke a good one, have a great cigar weekend!