I’ve heard some good things about The Embershoppe, a local tobacconist that can be found at The Curve shopping mall. It just happens to be a stone’s throw away from where i live, but i’ve never noticed the shop eventhough it’s been in operation for the last 3 years! It’s pretty secluded, around the corner from the Sakae Sushi restaurant.

It’s got a good selection of cigars, Cubans mostly, but a nice variety of Davidoffs, also a whole cabinet dedicated to Opus X, which is pretty rare in Malaysia. A box of Power Rangers, Opus XXX is probably the highlight of what i found there.

The owner, CK Lim is a nice fellow, and after a little persuasion, was happy to sell me a couple of Cohiba Behikes. For US$93 per stick for the Behike 54s, it’s certainly not cheap, but i suppose it all comes down to supply and demand. I couldn’t find Behikes anywhere else i’ve looked, and certainly not being sold as singles. Will choose a suitable occasion to light one up in the near future.

Online, you can find Cohiba Behikes singles at CigarOne.com — if you decide to buy these from them, be sure to contact me for an exclusive promo code and receive a free Montecristo #2 with your order!