The first time i had a Partagas Shorts was in 2003, and back then, i probably wasn’t experienced enough yet to be able to fully appreciate this masterful cigar. Since then, after a few cab of 50s under my belt, i’ve certainly changed my mind.

I ran out of my last stick of these several months ago, and for some reason, this morning, i was craving for one. Davidoff’s in KLCC didn’t carry the cabinet version (heretics lol!), so i decided to give the dress box version a go. Being from a dress box, the cigar has a slightly box pressed shape; immediately i preferred the appearance of the perfectly round cabinet Shorts. But beggars can’t be choosers. I had to have what i wanted to have.

KLCC was really nice today. The rain had come down earlier this morning, so the air was fresh, cool and there was a slight breeze in the air. At a table, under the shadow of one of the world’s tallest buildings, i sat down, sipped my latte and prepared to allow myself to ride the wonderful ride that this cigar almost always has to offer. I wasn’t to be disappointed.

Unlit, the cigar has a sweet, woody scent, mild and unassuming. The particular stick in my hand had a beautiful wrapper, slight veining but then, almost all Cubans share that common trait. The pre-light draw suggested an earthiness, quite delightful. A quick cut, light, and a few swift draws, and this cigar was ready to deliver.

And deliver it did! Almost immediately, the powerful Partagas trademark twang of deep roasted, almost burnt, coffee invaded my mouth; the massive plumes of smoke this created engulfed my head in smoke, i noticed a passerby stare, perhaps wondering, “What’s that wonderful aroma?” — and wonderful it was. Sharp and rich, the smoke cleared my leftover drowsiness i had after only having a few hours of sleep the previous night.

It was a gorgeous beginning. I sat back, surfed the Net on my iPhone, looked around, admired the birds and bees (well, the birds more than the bees if you know what i mean). KLCC, as you can imagine, is a magnet for everyone from everywhere, and there was no shortage of eye candy the whole 45 minutes i sat there.

The second half continued unabated from its impressive opening. Slight changes in the flavour, as the coffee notes cranked up in volume, it was almost as though i was smoking a double, no, triple brewed espresso. My tastebuds were tantalized, i was completely dominated, such is the power of this cigar once it really starts going.

If there was any criticism i could direct to this cigar, it would be that it was pretty, mostly, one-dimensional. From start to finish, it was bang, bang, and take that, even more bang. To be honest, it was exactly what i needed in the early morn, something to make me want to welcome the day happily. The finish was admirable, though not too long lasting, an elegant bitterness.

Verdict: 88/100. The perfect wake-me-up cigar. Or whenever you need to clear a clouded mind.

I suggest you pick these up from Cigar One, the price is reasonable, and experience tells me that they seem to get consistently good stocks, especially the 50s cabinet version. Don’t forget to contact me for a promo code that will net you a free Montecristo #2 on your orders!