My second Edición Regional (ER) cigar, the Ramon Allones Celestiale Finos was made specifically for the 2009 Asia Pacific region under the banner of Pacific Cigars Company. The Ramon Allones Small Club Corona and the Ramon Allones Specially Selected are particular favourites of mine, so expectations were high for this brand and this cigar in particular.

Today in particular has been a poor day for me. Someone smashed my car window, probably to break into my car and steal whatever of value was inside. Nothing was taken, oddly enough, but the chore and cost of having to replace a broken window was enough to make me want something really nice from my humidor tonight. And, in Ramon i trust to deliver. As it turns out, that didn’t work as planned either.

Visually, the cigar is beautiful. A perfecto, with a cutely formed foot, its a testimony of the skill of the torcedor from whose hands this came. A nice dark tan wrapper, minimal veining, minimal mottling. The cigar didn’t feel quite right under my fingers though, a bit light, and soft in some places. As i dry drawed it after making a quick cut, my suspicions were confirmed: the draw was quite loose, and not as firm as i normally enjoy my cigars to be.

Lighting a perfecto is always easy — the flame is easily focused on the point of the foot, and after several deep, slow draws, the cigar was well lit. The taste profile was immediately peppery, but just like the PLPC yesterday, it withdrew very quickly, as suddenly as it had appeared. Replaced by a thick toasted grassy flavour, the first third was actually quite nice, and relaxing. Smoke volume was good, and the aroma was pleasing.

The second half was when things began to become poorer. A painful acidic and tannic bite came to the forefront, and even after letting the cigar rest for several moments, it wouldn’t go away. Usually, such flavours arise in one of two scenarios (a) you’re drawing too fast and singeing the tobacco or (b) the cigar is still too young and needs more time to mature. What i did, by resting a few minutes, would have cleared up the problem if it was (a), but if it’s (b) there’s nothing that can be done at this point. I was desperate to take this cigar to the end to see if it would turn for the better, so i carried on and tried to relax, sitting back and enjoy what i could.

The cigar Gods must have turned their back on me tonight, because instead of improving, the last third exposed all sorts of construction and combustion problems. Loosely rolled cigars have a tendency to tunnel, and when a cigar tunnels, the flavours get all messed up as the wrapper doesn’t burn evenly. This really distracted me as i tried to correct the burn with the lighter, and while eventually i did, and the last 2 inches left a nice pepper and spice tingle on my palate, my mood had already turned sour.

Today, like all Mondays, started out well. It’s unfortunate about my car window, it’s unfortunate about the cigar i was hoping to salvage some happiness for me.

Verdict: 79/100. At least 3-4 more years are needed on this cigar, before it’ll start showing off more positive characteristics. is the best place to get a sample or a box of these cigars; buy them now when they are still easily available at a good price, then forget about them for a couple of years. Some of the best cigars i have started out this way, perhaps the Celestiale Finos will share the same happy fate of maturity. Be sure to mention Aizuddin of My Cigar Blog to Rob or Lisa for some extra special treatment.