Cohiba Behikes are perhaps the most sought after regular production cigars on the planet today — specially made with medio tempo leaf (a very rare quality of leaf that can only be found on the top two layers of leaf on a tobacco plant), the rarity of the Behikes matches the rarity of the raw materials required to produce it. You’ll find a great deal of background info on the Behikes production on the official Habanos SA website.

I managed to snag a couple of Behikes 54s a few weeks ago in a very lucky find, i went back to the shop yesterday, and the rest of the box was long gone. Demand is certainly far outstripping the supply of these cigars, regardless of their cost.

The good lads at My Cuban Cigars have organized a competition where the prize is a FULL BOX of these wonderful cigars. I’ve participated by submitting my photo (you can see the whole thread). If you think my photo is the best, please do join the forum and give me a vote, and leave a comment on this post. If i win, i’ll put all the names of those who voted for me into a hat and pick a lucky winner to share the cigars with!

*Please note that for your vote to count, you need to have several posts on the forum already. So take some time to browse the many great threads there and share your opinions with the forum before you cast your vote.

Thanks fellas, help me win a box, and you’ll win some Behikes for yourself too!