A wonderful little package arrived from me from Cigar-czar yesterday, a box of Cohiba Genios, box code OPM DIC 09. They look absolutely delicious, and i’ll be lighting one up pretty soon, after they’ve had some rest time in the humidor.

Cigar-czar has a quality inspection program where they sort the cigars in their inventory according to grade. PSP (Premium Select), HQ (High Quality) and PE (Premium Economy). The PSP represents the top 5% of their stock, HQ is the top 20% and PE is the top 50%. All other boxes are considered “regular” stock.

We all know how cool it is to find a box of shiny, silky dark wrappered cigars, perfect feel under the fingers. Czar’s takes the guesswork and luck out of the equation by finding these boxes for us and giving it a rating to suit its quality and rarity. PSP and HQ boxes are slightly more expensive than their regular stock, but PE cigars are priced the same.

The Genios i was sold was one of their PE boxes. Damn these look good. I wonder how much better a PSP box of Genios can be!