Not often talked about in common circles, the Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 is a firm favourite of mine, and something that i have done well to keep myself well stocked with over the years. A real go-to cigar when the yearning for a meaty robusto strikes me. It doesn’t have the pizzaz of the Cohiba Robusto, nor the sheer elegance and balance of the HDM Epicure No. 2; what it does have is a real no-nonsense full bodied approach with rich flavours and thick roasted honey.

The current box i have just arrived for me today from Czar’s, box code TEM ABR 10. At a good price, it was too hard to pass up, especially when Lisa assured me she could find me a good Premium Economy (PE) box.

Well, the proof is in the pudding. Incredibly rich, dark and oily wrappers, and an aroma that fills up the room the moment i slide the SLB open. Wowzers. I may not be able to wait the usual week i give to a new arrival before lighting one up.

Thanks, Lisa for the great find!