I picked a few of H Upmann Magnum 46s from The Embershoppe as part of my experiment with Cuban 2007 release cigars (the last 2007 i smoked and reviewed was a Cohiba Siglo III). The general consensus is that 2007 was a relatively good year among recent years, and will probably turn out to be a vintage year of cigars in the next 5-10 years. This means that the 2004-2005 tobacco harvest provided a good yield of good leaf, for cigars to be released in 2007.

On average, the last vintage year for Cubans was 1998, so it seems that the cycle for good years takes about 8-10 years to come around once. Quite a long time to wait for exceptional cigars, but when it does come around, then be ready to expect some truly outstanding cigars.

And so it was with the H Upmann Magnum46, from OCT 2007. I’m not really a fan of H Upmann, having smoked very few of them over the years. One of my first cigars back in the day was a H Upmann Coronas Major, and there have been very very few and far in between. Several years after that Coronas Major, i actually visited the Magnum 46s but i found the cigar so poor that i didn’t bother to do a review of it on MCB. Since then, i’ve abandoned the brand, and was coaxed back to it due my curiosity of how it performed in the celebrated 2007 releases.

The cigar looks very nice, and feels like it has been constructed perfectly. No soft spots or sponginess, and with minimal veining and mottling on the wrapper. The pre-light scent was very light, a tinge of fresh forest wood, and a hint of some dark mountain tea leaves. I’ve found that you can tell a lot just by sniffing a cigar before the light. Cohibas have their scent, Montes and Partagas’, and if this stick is representative of H Upmann, then it seems that they have their own unlit aroma too. Quite interesting.

The cigar took to the flame quickly, and lit up without a fuss. The draw was luxuriously firm, perfect just the way i like my cigars. Immediately, the tastebuds were stroked by a very smooth chocolate mousse, a bit earthy, there was hardly any bitterness (a common trait in other similar tasting cigars). A nice mellow, velvet opening that promised so much more.

The 2nd half introduced a nice creaminess to the flavours, but essentially it didn’t change the overall flavour profile much. Certainly, i’m not complaining, the first third was quite lovely, and more of the same is welcome, but it does suggest a lack of character (though i suppose others would call it a display of consistency). There was no spice or peppery-ness detected. Just a straighforward pleasant flavour delivery.

The final 3rd evolved the flavours of the cigar a little, some bitter sweetness came into the mix, the earthiness became more pronounced and an offering of roasted cloves came to the fore. A nice change of pace, without taking a radical turn in any direction. It left a very nice, superb finish on the palate.

Verdict: 89/100. If i could sum up this cigar in one word, it would be “DELICATE”. Some cigars take you for a ride, up and down valleys of flavour. But the Magnum 46, at least one that has some age on it, is a real pussycat, it strokes you and rubs up against you suggestively. A superb cigar to relax and enjoy for its uncomplicated flavours.