The power of the review is the reason why i put down some money and bought a box of these cigars, eventhough i generally try to stay away from the hype of the Edicion Limitadas, which i generally feel have been hits and misses over the last couple of years. But when Rob Ayala did a video review of them and said, “the cigar surpassed his expectations”, i knew this was something special; any cigar that gets pass his discerning palate is a cigar worth taking a serious look at.

The vitola matches the Siglo VI canonazo, so its a size 52RG x 150mm that i’m very comfortable with. An expressive, luxurious size that guarantees at least 90 minutes of delivery is a major plus point as it matches the profile i need for a good after dinner or lazy evening cigar.

When i received the box this morning, i was blown away by the aromas pouring out of the unopened box the moment i broke the vacuum seal that it came shipped in; my colleague in the next cubicle actually stood up and asked, “What’s the glorious smell?” And this is coming from a guy who has witnessed many a box arrive at my desk, and not once has he been so inquisitive. Earthy, rich leather, full of promise.

Cracking open the box revealed the ebony treasures hidden within, and unleashed the full potential of the aromas. Thick, musky and deep, without a trace of ammonia that you would normally associate with such a fresh box, POL MAY 10. The wrappers were glistening with oils, dark and intimidating. It was amazing, perhaps the best wrappers i’ve seen in a long time and this includes recent cigars such as the Behikes and Maduro 5 Genios, and even some of my well aged gems in my personal reserve. It was almost enough to make me light one up right there in the office.

But no, i decided to resist and stick to my principles of never smoking a freshly arrived box. These cigars will sit in the chiller for a while and i’ll give them time to revive nicely from their journey. An eagerly anticipated cigar, i can’t wait to see if they taste as good as they look.