In recent days, now that i’ve moved a majority of my personal reserve of cigars out of the air conditioned room i used to keep them in, i’ve been quite fascinated by the means and methods required to keep the cigars under perfect storage conditions. The problem with an air conditioned room has always been the cost involved to keep the temperature and humidity just right, and despite best efforts, i found that fluctuations are just too common for my peace of mind.

So the solution has been to transfer the cigars i value the most into a smaller environment, one where the conditions of temperature and humidity can be more accurately controlled. It took a big beetle infestation that ruined a box of Monte #2s to bring me to this decision, so it wasn’t something i took on lightly.

After setting up the cigar chiller from Pacifica, i still found that air circulation was an issue, and humidity control, while much better than what it was before in the air conditioned room, was still fluctuating especially in the upper and lower areas of the chiller. I needed something that would control this actively, rather than just passive control that the humidity crystals were able to provide.

That’s why i turned to the Cigar Oasis XL Plus. A pretty nifty piece of engineering, that not only actively keeps the humidity under control, but also, with its two fan blowers, seemed to circulate the air a whole lot better. I received the unit i ordered from 1st Class Humidors a few days ago, and put it into the chiller. The results have been pretty encouraging, and the humidity is much more evenly distributed across the whole chiller.

Perhaps its a bit of an overkill, because even without the Cigar Oasis (which costs as much as a box of Cuban robustos!), the humidity was already pretty good. But now, its perfect. 66% RH in the upper and lower regions, stable and efficient. I don’t need to spend time switching the beads around anymore, or airing the chiller every few days to keep things in check. It’s pretty much a “fire and forget” system, and the peace of mind is worth every penny i spent on it. To spend a little to protest so much is definitely a no brainer.