As i reached my desk today, i was happy to see a bunch of parcels waiting for me; looks like Santa did drop by after all. I hope he liked the bottle of wine i left for him. 🙂

Edmundos – SGT JUN 08, RASS – POL MAY 10, Gorditos – LRE ABR 10, Lusitanias – LSM ABR 08.

The Ramon Allones Gorditos, RE Canada 2010, is perhaps the one i’m looking forward to the most to smoke. It’s got a nice grassy barnyard aroma to it, and the wrapper looks very nice.

The Lusitanias looks quite delicious too; i’ve run out of these lovely cigars in the humidor except for half a cab of 50 that i’m loath to touch for aging reasons. They’ll find a good place in my rotation for those days when i have a bit more time for a luxurious pampering of flavours.