There was a time when i doubted the truth: does a cigar absorb ambient moisture while you’re smoking it? Alternatively, can a cigar dry out during the smoking process, if the environment in which is it smoked is dry enough? Ultimately, does your smoking environment affect the way a cigar performs and tastes as you smoke it?

I used to dismiss as hogwash the claims that ambient moisture (or lack of it) affected a cigar as it is being smoked. No longer. I smoked this 2010 Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 during a an extremely humid time of the day; as the video will show, it was a fine day, until the skies opened up and unleashed a torrential rainfall of biblical proportions over my head. The humidity in the air shot straight up, the cigar’s heart skipped a beat and combustion immediately quit even 30 seconds after a relight. The tobacco was just to humid to sustain any sort of meaning smoking experience. But i soldiered on, and smoked it anyways — a good cigar should never be wasted! Took it down as far as i could, and on the balance of things, i enjoyed the smoke. But i think i enjoyed the experience of smoking a cigar right through a thunderstorm even more. It’s all captured hilariously on video. Enjoy!