I’ve already announced my Robusto of the Year, the Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 and also my Best Cigar of 2010, the Pinar del Rio Sublimes (Cuban custom rolled). It’s time for Cigar of the Year 2010.

Think of it like this: the previous awards are individual awards for specific cigars or for cigars within a particular category.  But the Cigar of the Year is more like a team award, recognizing a cigar brand and vitola that has performed admirably for me consistently over the last 12 months. The criteria are:

  1. I’ve smoked at least 15 sticks over the year, not necessarily from the same box or box code
  2. Easily commercially available
  3. Been smoked over a variety of situations, environments, matched with different drinks and food

From my notes over the year, the following cigars meet the criteria:

  • Ramon Allones Small Club Corona
  • HDM Epicure No. 2
  • Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2
  • Cohiba Robusto
  • Partagas Serie D. No. 4
  • Partagas Serie P. No. 2
  • Cohiba Siglo 1
  • Montecristo No. 2
  • Diplomaticos No. 5
  • Trinidad Coloniales
  • Partagas Shorts
  • H. Upmann 46
  • H. Upmann 48 LE 2009
  • Punch Punch
  • Por Larranaga Petit Corona

It was a close contest, with the JL2, HDM Epi 2, PLPC and Monte 2 receiving honorable mentions.

However, the cigar that i’ve chosen as my cigar of the year, has proven itself the most consistent performer of the bunch. Every stick a delight, construction being spot on from boxes with codes from mid 2009, up to mid 2010. Just like James Suckling’s Cigar of the Year, mine was a definite go-to stick whenever i wanted something that i knew would be able to provide the experience and flavours that i was looking for. When i didn’t know what else to smoke, i turned to this cigar, and that in itself is a tremendous endorsement for me.

My Cigar of the Year 2010, is….

The Ramon Allones Small Club Corona!