Unlike many, i’m quite a fan of the “limited” cigars made available for a variety of reasons. The La Casa series of limited cigars has been quite successful in my eyes; the Ramon Allones Superiores is excellent as reviewed here on My Cigar Blog. And now, the new La Gloria Cubana Inmensos, the next La Casa del Habanos exclusive cigar.

La Gloria Cubana is a little known jewel amongst Habano brands. Nevertheless it enjoys a long history. Founded in 1885, its name alone clearly defines its origin. For over a century it has attracted a small but loyal following amongst the most knowledgeable smokers. The brand is characterized by its elegant presentation, especially in the Medaille d’Or Series.

It’s nice because the LGC is not really as well known and accepted as the Montecristos and Cohibas. So for LGC to get a bit of exposure and it’s time in the limelight is an overdue boon. I’m really looking forward to sampling these cigars soon.