I’ve received a few emails from fans lately asking me what foods are good to pair with which cigars. My opinion: try to avoid overly spicy (chili hot) foods or anything that may cause stomach discomfort once mixed with nicotine. Generally, avoid oily foods, keep it simple, and make sure you get a good helping — you always want to be full before you smoke a premium cigar, because comfort in the belly does play a role in the overall pleasure of smoking a cigar.

Anything larger or longer than a robusto, and make sure you have a good meal before.

The secondary benefit of this is that once you have a satiated belly, the effects of the cigar will be less likely to make you dizzy or nauseated. Nicotine on an empty stomach has a tendency to do that to some people (just like too much alcohol on an empty stomach). So food will help absorb some of the nicotine, and slow its absorbtion into your bloodstream.

Bottom line: for anything robusto or larger, have a good meal before you smoke.

Last weekend, i had planned to smoke a very special cigar, the Tampa Custom Rolled. Whenever i plan to light something special like this, i always try to make sure i’ve got an excellent meal beforehand — and what better meal to accompany cigars than a good old fashioned Australian steak! I would like to think i cook a great steak, and this was my latest conquest. See the pics below, perfectly marinated, perfectly grilled to a medium. The steak was juicy, tender and exciting all the way through. Almost as good as the cigar that would follow! đŸ™‚