The great lads over at my favourite Cuban cigar forum, Friends of Habanos, are sponsoring a cigar blind tasting competition. $40 for 3 cigars, unbanded, Cuban — smoke them and guess what they are, and win $500. Sounds like a good deal, and more importantly a good challenge for a 10 year cigar smoker such as myself.

I’ve smoked just about every regular production cigar that’s been available in the last 10 years, some more than others (my favourites), some less (the ones i don’t really fancy). One thing i’ve learned for sure over this time is that Cuban brands don’t exist just for fun — they each have their own characteristics, they generally taste different from each other (though some have overlapping flavours), and some have truly unique smoke aromas. So this contest is an excellent test of my knowledge of my cigar smoking experience.

I’ll probably be very happy if i can get 2 out of 3 sticks correctly identified, i’ll be upset if i get all 3 wrong. In any case, this is the first of the 3 sticks — the petit corona.

*This is probably one of my “happiest” reviews ever, a lot of tongue-in-cheek! Enjoy!

Verdict: A nice 87/100 cigar. Not too much evolution or complexity in flavours, but a very aromatic and sweet cigar to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Not may cigars i know fit this profile, but i can’t nail it down with 100% surety. It’s probably one or the other, so still a bit of a guessing game. Took my best guess, see whether i get it right!