Well, i got the first cigar completely wrong. I guessed Punch Coronation, but it turned out to be a Cohiba Siglo II! Unbelievable — a Cohiba was the last cigar i would have guessed because it was missing all the key markers of the Cohiba flavour profile.

The second cigar to be tasted and guessed is a robusto. Again, without any evidence of a box press, i would have to say this probably comes from a SLB (Slide Lid Box), however, robustos such as the Partagas Serie D 4 which comes from a dress box doesn’t show any box press either, so this isn’t conclusive evidence.

Pre-light, the cigar has quite a salty aroma, not sharp at all, no woody notes or hints of grassiness (that would indicate Cohiba). Construction wise, it’s excellent, well formed, little veining and no hard spots whatsoever. The pre-light draw test confirms the quality of construction — very very luxurious draw. This was going to be a good cigar to smoke, regardless of the marca.

I take my time to light the cigar, it’s an easy experience. A few quick draws, and it’s well underway — immediately, i get bowled over by a ton of spice and saltiness. The smoke aroma is distinctively leathery and smokey, the draw is outstanding and smoke volume is very high.

The second third was very pleasant, evolving into some sweet woodiness but maintaining the spicy overtones. The spiciness on the lips and the palate just sets everything tingling. Quite pleasing.

The final third ramps things up a bit, the woodiness is a bit musky, some expresso bitterness. The tingling pepper and spice is still in place, and makes the cigar quite an exciting smoke. At this point, i’m quite sure what this cigar is, but then again i was pretty sure what it was before! So, the best i can say is that i’m quite sure i know what i think it is!