Introducing the best place to enjoy a cigar in Kuala Lumpur, the Maduro Cigar Lounge!

Just like any good story, it has a beginning. Dave (the owner) and myself are long time friends, bonded by The Leaf over many years. Ever since we’ve known each other, we’ve always wanted to open a cigar lounge together, but we just never did it. He went to the Middle East to work for a few years, i got married and started a family. Life, got in the way, and our plans were shelved.

But recently, Dave came back and these plans resurfaced. After lots of thinking and a drawn out search for the right location, the dreams of yesteryears has finally come true – Maduro was born!

It’s still undergoing minor renovations and the interior decor needs a bit of work, but it’s functional, we received our first shipment of cigars and customers have started walking in! Unlike other places in town, we wanted Maduro to be a place where a smoker will feel not just comfortable, but welcomed. None of the uppity-ness you tend to find in the classier lounges in town, but more like a place where you could just kick back, enjoy your cigar, have a fine drink, and listen to some authentic Cuban jazz and salsa.

If you’re in town, drop on by. Great cigars, great music and just a little bit of paradise thrown in!

You can find Maduro here on Google Maps, just a few doors down from the Famous Penang Village restaurant.