Mia Eryna, my second child and my first daughter, was born last night. With God’s grace, the delivery was fast and uncomplicated. It was a happy moment.

Books will tell you that the husband needs to be there for his wife as she delivers the baby. But i’ve always wondered, who is there for the husband! šŸ™‚ Driving her to the hospital, braving the terrible KL rush hour traffic, having my arm and hand mauled by her punches and squeezes during each contraction, the mental lashing from seeing her in pain, then the arrangements at the hospital, the moving of all the bags, then watching over her, then watching over the baby, waiting for both to be comfortable and asleep before being able to retire.

And when i did retire for the evening, about 2am in the morning, i turned to an old friend, a cigar to keep me company, a quiet celebration. At the end, i smiled, and went to bed the happiest man alive.