Romeo y Julieta Mille Fleur  (Cuba)

Size 129mm x 42 ring

Picked up a discount box (~$100 USD for 25) at the airport; not really sure of what to expect. Turns out it was like buying a box of 25 different cigars!

Construction/ draw: 4-8/10

Hugely variable – surprising, because apparently they are machine made – yet my box had ‘Hecho a Mano’ on the label. Go figure. Some were excellent though – tight, white ash, perfect medium weight draw. Others burned very unevenly, displaying tunneling and canoeing; required frequent relighting. Holds heat quite well for a small cigar.

Flavor: 5/10 (for the best sample)

Mostly herby and vegetal, mild strength with increasingly green and herby notes towards the end. Gets slightly stronger. Not a complex cigar by any means. Displays the classic RyJ vegetal/ celery taste, but in a mild form. Some sourness comes into play in the final half, which whilst offsetting the vegetal taste, does nothing to improve the overall flavor of the cigar.

Note: one cigar had obvious green spots or possibly even mold on the inner leaves; it burned horribly and tasted worse. It was abandoned after an inch.

Conclusion: 5-7/10

I suspect a good box of these would make a decent light smoke. However my box had obvious quality control problems – unclear if it was due to the factory or subsequent handling. The inconsistent condition of the leaves no doubt affected the taste of the cigars; I wasn’t sure what to expect from one stick to the next. Even the best of these wasn’t enough to make me want to buy another box – probably best avoided.