I’ve been slightly underwhelmed with the HDM Epicure #2 in the recent 24 months. Just as i’ve been disappointed with the Partagas Serie D4 over the same time. I blame it on these cigars being extremely popular, both in brand and vitola, thus leading to overproduction and quality control issues.

But every once in a while, i do come across gems, sticks that remind me of how great these cigars once were. Over the weekend, i smoked a dark chocolate HDM Epi #2, from a May 2010 box. It was mindblowing, a clear 92/100. Fragrant, sweet, spicy and uniquely floral in aroma and flavour — the hallmarks of the Epicure #2, long lost in current production sticks.

Excitedly, the next day, i smoked another stick from the same box under the same conditions — after a meal, same time of day, same temperature conditions, same libations. And the magic was gone. It was fleeting, but for a brief moment i had tasted Hoyo Heaven. Such moments are too long and far in between. Cest la vie.