Received some exciting news last night. The lads from Trinidad (local Habanos SA distributors) have arranged for a roller from Partagas to do a few quick demos for the community here in Malaysia as part of an Asia Pacific tour.

Credits to Cigar Inspector for the image.
Partagas Factory, Cuba

I’ve been to a few of these events in the past, and each time has been a blast. The roller on duty is generally very chatty, willing and happy to share his/her knowledge (usually through a translator as they don’t speak English). The skill on display as they roll custom cigars for patrons is quite amazing, and an eye opener for those who haven’t seen it before. They make it look so easy, which of course means that it is anything but!

Here is the planned schedule for the visit, i’ll probably swing by for the session on Friday at the PJ Hilton.  Will post up the pics after the event.

14th DEC – 2000hrs – 2330 hrs – Hilton Sentral
15th DEC – 1200hrs – 1530 hrs – Cigars Lounge, Menara Hup Seng
15th DEC – 2000hrs – 2330 hrs – Inter Continental KL
16th DEC – 2000hrs – 2330 hrs – Uncle Chillis . PJ Hilton

Edit: If you miss the tour organized by Trinidad, La Casa del Habano Malaysia takes over the very next day!

17th DEC Bangsar Shopping Center 12pm-5pm
18th DEC Mandarin Oriental Hotel 12-5pm
18th DEC Tate @ Intermark 6-10pm