It’s “Thank You Week” here in Maybank, the company i work for. Take a moment to say “thank you” to someone who has done wonderful things for you this year, whom you may not have had a chance to thank properly yet. With 2 days left to go in 2011, it’s still not too late.

With this in mind, My Cigar Blog would like to thank the Cuban Cigar Website, the ultimate online Cuban cigar encyclopedia. Whenever i was unsure about the origins, year, or background of any particular cigar, i would turn to CCW and the answer would be there. It not only houses information about the current stable of available cigars, it is a rich resource of the heritage of the Cuban cigar industry — what has gone before, why, when, how. Cigars that i would never have known anything about otherwise, i come to learn about from CCW.

So, to Trevor the man behind the scenes, i tip my hat to you. Thank you, and may you and CCW prosper in 2012.