My favourite online cigar forum, Friends of Habanos, ran a new year’s cigar smoking photo contest. Take a photo of yourself enjoying a cigar on New Year’s 2012, and submit it together with a review of the cigar and the occasion.

On New Year’s Eve, Ming Thein (a Guest Reviewer here on My Cigar Blog) and I took a trip down to Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) to soak up the festivities of the night, take photos of people and fireworks, and smoke a cigar. The cigar of the night was a Hoyo de Monterrey Des Dieux from 2009. A wonderful smoke, burned perfectly for 2 hours, and offered a rich, spicy coffee treat of flavours. What a way to welcome the new year!

We took photos of each other, and with his permission, i entered the photo he took of me for the FOH contest. This is the winning shot:

My photo set from the night can be found below: