Haven’t had anything new for a few months now. Been mostly smoking through all stock, revisiting old favourites. Overall, due to work commitments and family, my cigar intake has decreased sharply lately, musch to the delight of my health-conscious wife. Still i sneak in an odd good smoke every so often when her back is turned. 🙂

Smoke less, smoke better, a wise man once said.

An apple and a cigar

Have the great pleasure of smoking the new Partagas Serie D No. 5 today. Quite a small cigar compared to it’s elder cousin, the venerable Serie D No. 4, one of my all-time favourite cigars. And it offers a flavour profile that is quite distinct as well. While the No. 4 tends to be punchy and full bodied, the No. 5 was much smoother, at ease with very pronounced beans and vanilla. A very easy cigar to enjoy during the day, and without the benefit of a heavy meal beforehand.

This will certainly not be the last time i visit this cigar, it probably deserves a box in my cabinet.

Verdict: 90/100. A lovely cigar, easy smoke with a good serving of rich, smooth flavour. A little bit divergent from the classic Partagas profile, but good enough to deserve it’s place in any discerning rotation.