I’ve been hoarding these babies for quite some time now. It’s always a hard thing to smoke a cigar you only have a few of, as you keep on putting it off for that “special occasion” that never seems to come. And even when that occasion does come, you put it off some more because you’re worried if this isn’t “special” enough!

A long time ago, i bought a couple of sticks of the Cohiba Siglo V and had them stashed away in the back of my humidor all this while. I had forgotten all about them, and if not for the labeling i had on their individual ziploc baggies, i would probably not even remember when i bought them.

The twin sticks had aged gorgeously well. The wrapper was supple and slightly oily, the aromas were robust and sharp. When i saw them, i knew that this was the time to have them, because i had someone to share them with.

A good friend recently opened his photo exhibition in the heart of KL, and i had been invited along with a few others on a personal tour. Quite a stunning exhibit, and he showed us his work with the pride of a proud parent. I was very very happy for him, and wanted to celebrate properly, thus the cigars.

While chatting about the exhibition and other photography related topics, he and i lit up these cigars after i challenged him to tell me what he thought they were — they were a shade darker than what you’d normally expect from Cohibas, so since i had removed the bands earlier, there was no way for him to guess just from appearance alone.


The next couple of hours went by in a happy breeze of smoke. The cigars were delicious. Spicy with a bite, chocolate, though not rich on the palate. Smoke volume was prodigious, and each draw added a wonderful aroma to the air. We smoked them down until they burned our fingers.

Verdict: 90/100. A lovely example of how well Cohiba as a brand ages. I’ve recently had a fresh Siglo V and it was a very different experience; not bad, just different. But put nearly 10 years on it, and it becomes a memorable experience. The fact that we shared such a special cigar on a special day to celebrate a significant life event, made it all the better.