I may never get a chance to visit this grand old city, the Mecca of cigars. So i’m glad i get a chance to read about it from others. This blog by Martin Herrera is excellently written with some amazing photographs.

“There is an inherent simplicity of life in Cuba that is very attractive and refreshing. Life revolves around the street and the neighborhood. Kids play with a ball, or create games out of a smashed can and two rocks – in a way, much closer to the way I used to have fun when growing up, and certainly, very different to what kids do nowadays.  Adults spend hours simply sitting down in front of their houses or in the balcony.  Doors are usually open, and with it, comes a greater integration between peoples’ lives and their environment.  As you walk down the street, you can peek into any of the open doors, and see families, watching TV, cooling down or simply eating together.” – Havana. A travelogue of a three-day journey to old Havana.