This is the first post in a new category that i’ll be publishing once a month, My Cigar Blog’s Cigar of the Month (CotM). It will represent a cigar that i believe is smoking particularly well at the time the review is written. If you’re only going to smoke one cigar this month, the CotM will be my personal recommendation.

It’s fitting that i start something new with something old. A new category here on My Cigar Blog, a tip of the hat to first superstar cigar i smoked as a new cigar smoker more than 12 years ago — the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2. I’ve burned through a couple of sticks lately, from different boxes, all dated early 2011, and they are just on fire.


More than any cigar here on My Cigar Blog, the HDM Epi 2 has received the most ink.

  1. My original review –
  2. Smoking a HDM Epi 2 in the rain –
  3. A pictorial review –

And there is good reason for the profligacy: it’s just such a fantastic cigar, my go to cigar when i’m not sure what else to smoke, something that i always have at least half a box of in the humidor.



Over the years, this cigar has changed significantly, at least twice in 10 years. The first time was around 2001. The pre-2001 Epi 2s we extremely smooth smokes, like toasted butter, it practically melted on the palate in a wash of spicy and earthy flavours. After 2001, it took a very nasty spicy turn. Perhaps in response to a market at the time that was looking for stronger, more full bodied cigars, the Epi 2 was changed. Then, it changed again in 2008, when it ditched the raw power, and became much more refined, almost pre-2001, but with a stronger hint towards citrus and dark berries. It’s this current blend that i feel is coming of age, in 2011 samples i’ve tasted. A little more tweaking, and as the blend matures, it’s now delivering on the promise, and harking returns to the glory days of the Epi 2. May it long continue.



It’s probably not quite ever going to hit the heights of pre-2001, at least not in my memory; but it’s really darned close, and i’m happier because of it. Therefore, i’m pleased to inaugurate the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 into the CotM for July 2012.

Purchasing information, prices correct as of July 2012:

  1. Cigar Czar – US$206
  2. Cigar One – US$254
  3. Cigars of Habanos – US$202
  4. Top Cubans – US$229

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