The first time i reviewed this cigar was a couple of years ago in 2010, when i smoked a 2009 stick. I must admit, since the last 50 cab of these that i finished months ago, i haven’t really taken it upon myself to replace it with another. That’s a bit unusual considering that these have become over the years a bit of a staple smoke for me, this is probably the longest time that has gone past without smoking one.

But i recently received a couple of these cigars, from a 2011 box.

One of the great things about the Partagas Shorts is that despite it’s size, it packs quite a flavour punch. Full to the mouth, like a thick, dark Turkish coffee. Some hints of roasted caramel sweetness, and a spicy kicker right at the end that sends tiny pricks to the lips. This particular stick was no one different: that is another great thing about the Shorts — you can go through a full cab of 50 (i have) and be amazed at the consistency of each. Quite a feat considering it’s a hand made product, and the 50 sticks were probably rolled by at least 5-10 different people on the rolling floor before being sorted into perfect matches for the 50 cab.

btw, i almost always prefer the 50 cabs of the Shorts. Stay away from the 25 box presses. For some reason, they just don’t feel the same in the mouth, and draw consistency can be an issue.





Verdict: 88/100. I scored it the same 2 years ago, from a totally different cabinet. That’s how consistent they are. It’s no wonder that some people refer to the Shorts as an “old friend” — there is a sense of familiar expectation each time you pick up one of these. That’s a reputation well earned.

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