I get a few email like this every week:

“The cigars from my humidor rarely taste as good as the ones i buy and smoke at the shop/lounge/divan. What’s wrong? Am i storing the cigar incorrectly? I keep my cigars at the correct RH (relative humidity, 70%) and the correct temperature (16-18 degrees celcius).”

The answer to this question lies in a blog post i wrote a few years ago, about dry boxing and why it’s important.

Generally speaking, cigars at the shop (a good shop who knows what they’re doing in the correct storage of cigars) are being stored in ideal smoking conditions, rather than perfect storage conditions. There is difference between the two. Ideal conditions tend to be a tad bit drier, a tad bit warmer; this is also facilitated by the fact that shops experience quite a bit of environmental variation due to things such as doors opening and closing, air conditioning and humidifiers being switched off when the shop is closed, sunlight coming through the store window, etc. Perfect conditions exist for long term storage and aging, and is generally easier to obtain at home under a diligent eye. Unfortunately, these conditions aren’t ideal for cigars that you’re going to smoke.

That’s where dry boxing comes into play. Find out more about dry boxing, and it’s effects here. A few short steps, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying your cigars like never before.