During this festive month of Ramadhan, time is a premium. Muslims the world over abstain from food and drink (and cigars) from sun up to sun down, and the evenings become fairly compressed. So smoking a long cigar isn’t really feasible. Thus, i’ve turned to shorter experiences, most notably an old favourite, the Partagas Shorts as as well as a smattering of Montecristo #5s. But the H Upmann Half Corona just takes the cake.


I’ve burned through half a box of NOV 2011, and each one has been super tasty. The taste buds during Ramadhan tend to be a bit dull because of being underused and dry from the day’s fasting, and the classic leathery spice of the Upmann signature is the perfect pick-me-up! Not too spicy, as the Partagas Shorts tend to be, and not too creamy as the Montecristos, and certainly not flowery and airy as the Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas. It fits it just right on the palate.

Perhaps it’s only because it’s Ramadhan and i know these cigars are the perfect smoke when time is short and the taste buds are fried. Perhaps it’s because NOV 2011 boxes are incredibly tasty. Perhaps a bit of both. Whatever the case may be, the H Upmann Half Corona well deserves it’s place as My Cigar Blog’s Cigar of the Month for August 2012.

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